Kids Konnection
Vernon & Mandy Chotrow

For ages 5 thru 4th grade, following Praise and Worship  in the fellowship hall each Sunday morning.

Our Children's ministries are at the heart of our purpose.  Today, more than ever, our children need to be nurtured in the ways and things of God.  From our tailored Sunday school classes to our exciting Kids Konnection program, that purpose is fulfilled Sunday after Sunday.  Our teachers are caring and supportive, and do not be surprised if they show up at your door one day to simply encourage your child.


We do realize that it is not always possible to get your child to churh because of scheduling conflicts, etc. to that end, First Baptist Church provides a van service.  If you or your child need a ride to church, please call 573-547-4644 to arrange for pick up.

  November 2019  
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